StacKing Kong

StacKING KONG is a low volatility slot game with a unique Blockchain mechanic, revolving around a gorilla climbing blocks to construct skyscrapers. With an RTP of 94.38%, the game offers a maximum win of 1000x the stake through its innovative gameplay. Players can collect or purchase additional blocks to continue their ascent, with the potential for greater rewards at higher levels.

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StacKing Kong Slot – Demo and Overview

StacKING KONG is a unique and innovative slot game featuring towering skyscrapers and a mighty gorilla. The game features a revolutionary mechanic called Blockchain®, where players drop blocks to construct a towering masterpiece.

The theme revolves around a gorilla named Kong, who climbs the blocks as the tower grows taller. The game's atmosphere is filled with excitement and a sense of adventure, as players strive to reach new heights and unlock greater rewards.

The gameplay begins with nine blocks, and players can collect additional blocks or purchase extras to continue their ascent. As Kong climbs higher, the potential payouts increase, culminating in a massive 1000x the stake at the summit.

While the game does not feature traditional reels or paylines, the Blockchain® mechanic offers a fresh and engaging experience. Players must strategically place their blocks and make decisions that can lead to significant wins.

The visuals are striking, with detailed graphics and animations that bring Kong and the skyscraper to life. The game's soundtrack and sound effects further enhance the immersive experience, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Overall, StacKING KONG is a unique and innovative slot that offers players a thrilling and rewarding gaming experience unlike any other.

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StacKing Kong
  • Title: StacKING KONG
  • Release date: 03/07/2024 (EU, UK)
  • Developer: Rogue
  • Theme: Gorilla, Blocks, Skyscrapers
  • Reels: Blockchain
  • Paylines: Blockchain
  • Volatility: Low
  • RTP: 94.38%
  • Max Win: 1000x
  • Min / Max Bet: 0.1 / 25

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